Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hairy Harry

Our school group made these cute Hairy Harry's by planting and growing wheat grass. The kids all did a great job and the Hairy Harry's were so cute!

All the Hairy Harry's lined up.

Dawson giving his Hairy Harry a trim, which he needed because his "hair" was wild!

Beautiful Boys, Beautiful Flowers

Friday, April 16, 2010

MOPS Picnic

We look forward to the MOPS family picnic each year. The church has a beautiful setting and we enjoy the food and fun with friends.

Eli (pretending to be a dragon), Dawson, Seth, Hudson, and Zeke down by the lake.

Ben and Dawson, both such sweet boys.

Running as fast as they can down the hill.

Rolling down the hill.

Bouncing the balls on the giant parachute.

Under the parachute.

Brady relaxing in the Mickey chair.

Before and After

After weeks of delaying, I finally cut my hair and donated it to Locks of Love. This is an organization that makes hair pieces and wigs for children with cancer.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


A fox in our back yard. I love all the wonderful wildlife creatures we have here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So cute in this beautiful patch of wildflowers.

Duck Pond

We had a picnic and enjoyed the sights at the duck pond. I'm always amazed that this area is in the middle of town - it's so beautiful and peaceful. We love spending time here!
Very handsome and grown-up Dawson.

Dawson really enjoyed the waterfall area and finding all the ways he could cross to the other side of the stream.

Brady quacking at the ducks. It was hilarious!

Smelling a flower.

Brady the tree hugger!

Hanging out by a big log that now serves as a bench.

Dawson very tall when standing on the logs.

Dawson & Seth

Dawson and Seth in a patch of wildflowers.


Our beautiful boys by the beautiful azaleas.

Brady sniffing (really blowing, which he thinks is sniffing) the azaleas.


Our first time playing in the pool this season. Dawson loved it, but it was a little too cold for Brady - he happily played at the water table but didn't want to wade in the pool.


Playing at the Park

Enjoying a wonderful day at the park with friends:
Hannah and Dawson steering the truck, while Wesley sits sweetly between them.

Dawson taking off in a game of tag.

Here comes Hannah, chasing after Dawson.

Brady enjoying himself.

Bouncing on the duck, one of his favorite things to do at the park.

Happy Easter

Dawson's Easter crafts - a chick card made with his hand prints and a sun catcher cross to hang in the window.

Dawson collected Easter eggs for himself and Brady (who didn't really getting into gathering eggs this year).

Brady bringing me his carrot filled with Teddy Grahams. After he found that he was content to sit and eat his snack.

Big Hug

Best friends giving each other a big hug. I love how much they love each other.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Preschool Day at the Fair

We enjoyed preschool day at the fair with our friends Emily, Hannah, and Wesley. The kids enjoyed the silly clown and her magic tricks, laughed hysterically at the ventriloquist and his puppets, watched a cute puppet show, rode the firetruck, and visited all the animals.
Hannah and Dawson waiting for the puppet show.

Hannah, Brady, Dawson, and Wesley.

All eyes on the clown.

They really enjoyed the ventriloquist and his funny puppet friends.

There he is with his pet bird. :-)

Brady having a snack while he watched the show.

Dawson and Tanner sitting at the very front to watch the puppet show. I love how Dawson has his arm around Tanner.

Brady joining the big kids (momentarily) for the puppet show.

Sweet smiling kids!!

Petting Zoo

We loved the petting zoo area at the fair!

Brady was fascinated with the ducklings.

Waving at more ducklings.

The calf and Dawson checking each other out.

Brady's really enjoyed moo-ing at the cow. :-)

Both boys at the pig pen.

Little Brady and the big goat.

The goat sniffing Brady's fingers.

Dawson loved the baby goats!