Thursday, May 27, 2010

Disney World

We had an amazing vacation at Disney World. We staying at the Pop Century Hotel, which we really enjoy. The hotel is divided into 5 areas - 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's and there are huge, fun replicas throughout the hotel. The boys enjoyed the 3 swimming pools, splash pad, and playground.

We visited each of the 4 Disney Parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom), most of them multiple times. Brady was able to ride many rides so we enjoyed lots of attractions as a family. Dawson once again loved the big thrilling rides and was able to ride 2 roller coasters he wasn't tall enough for last time (when he was 3). We also saw a few shows and spent time at the very fun and amazing play areas. We didn't see a parade this time - it seemed they were always during Brady's nap time when we were back at the hotel. And we didn't make it to a fireworks show either - the kids were asleep at that time.

The Disney parks are amazing. The hotels are amazing. It's all, well, so amazing. :-) Words can't describe how enchanting it all is, especially for kids. I am so thankful we are able to take our kids to Disney and experience it all with them. It is so, so much fun. Dawson is already planning our next trip to Disney - and this time he's requesting that we stay 10 days. :-)

Just a note on the pictures that follow - there are tons of them so don't forget to click on "older posts" to see them all.

Potato Heads

Dawson with Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

Brady so small next to Mr. Potato Head.

Dawson peeking out from behind Mrs. Potato Head's purse.

Big Wheel

Randy looks so small next to the ginormous big wheel.

Chip N Dale's Garden Grill

The first character meal we ate at was Chip N Dale's Garden Grill. The characters were friendly and always a welcome site, the food was pretty good, and we all enjoyed the rotating room.

Country Mickey giving Dawson a hug.

Mickey posing with both boys.

Brady giving Mickey five.

Waving goodbye to Mickey.

Dawson shaking Pluto's hand.

Brady checking out one of the chipmunks - not sure if it's Chip or Dale.

Both of the boys with the other chipmunk.

Nemo and Friends

Brady hanging out with Nemo.

He loved feeding Marlin the bits of shell that were on the ground.

Randy and Brady inside Bruce. "Fish are friends, not food."

Toy Story Rides

Dawson really enjoyed the Toy Story rides at Disney. There are 2 of them - a Buzz Lightyear ride at Magic Kingdom and the new Toy Story ride at Hollywood Studios.

The cool Mr. Potato Head that talks to and entertains those waiting in line for the ride. We were fortunate to always zip by him as we got to the ride before the long line formed.

Visiting Zerg outside the ride.

Dawson aiming his laser at all the "Z" (for Zerg) targets.

Randy and Brady in the vehicle behind us. Brady enjoyed the spin button, constantly moving it around to make Randy very dizzy.

Once Upon a Toy

There is a great toy story in Downtown Disney - Once Upon a Toy. Of course, almost everything there is outrageously expensive, but it was still a fun place to visit. Dawson and Brady also liked the big figures in front.

Dawson posing by Buzz Lightyear while Brady looks on in awe.

Brady vocalizing his version of "to infinity, and beyond."

Dawson with Mr. Potato Head.

Giant Playground

There is an awesome playground at Hollywood Studios. It's like being in the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Everything is huge!! So much fun!

Brady sliding down a giant leaf.

Dawson sliding down a giant roll of film.

Brady walking through the giant blades of grass. Those stepping stones he's on each make a sound when you step on them.

Dawson in the grass - smiling so sweetly.

Sitting on a piece of grass.

Climbing out of the giant spiderweb.

Waiting to be sprayed with water.

Brady near the giant play-doh can where the water puddles are and where he was continually squirted with water from overhead.

Playhouse Disney Live on Stage

The Playhouse Disney show was one of Brady's favorite things. Dawson liked it as well, but it wasn't as enchanting as it was when he was 3 years old.

Mickey and friends.

Handy Manny and his tools working to fix a bubble machine.

The Little Einsteins racing Rocket.

Randy and Dawson patting along to give Rocket power while Brady stands and in front of them watching very attentively.

Brady watching the show.

Bus Stop

We really enjoy the free Disney transportation throughout the parks and resorts. They were reasonably prompt with their bus service and we rarely spent long waiting for a bus. When we did have to wait the boys were great about entertaining themselves.

Relaxing on a bench while we waiting for the bus.

Dawson's response to my request that he sit beside Brady so I could get a cute picture of the two of them together.

Brady "racing" along the rope.

Dawson racing along the rope and touching the pole to win the race. :-)


Almost every morning the ladies in the hotel gift shop would give the boys stickers. Brady almost always put the stickers on top of his head. Such a silly boy.

Splash Pad

Our hotel had 3 pools and a splash pad. The kids especially loved the splash pad and I loved that they could both play there together and I could easily monitor them.

Brady excitedly waiting for the water to shoot up.

Going after the big gush of water.

Dawson happy to be at the splash pad.

Running through one of the spouts. He had a great time running wildly through all of the big water spouts.

Lying down and cooling off in the water.

Randy in the only bit of shade at the splash pad.

Brady relaxing by Goofy for a few minutes.

The boys posing with the giant Goofy.

Fun in the Room

Our hotel at Disney was a bit small, but very nice and clean and the boys loved it. They both really like staying at hotels.

Dawson enjoyed jumping from bed to bed.

Brady peeking out of the curtains.

Dawson finding Brady in their game of hide and seek.

Both boys hiding behind the curtains.