Monday, June 28, 2010

Golf Course

We had fun playing on the golf course this morning with Brady's little plastic clubs and balls.

Dawson takes a whack at the ball.

Tipping it into the hole.

Cute Brady walking with his 2 golf clubs.

Awkwardly trying to tap the ball into the hole.

Sweet Dawson.

On the Shelf

Such a cute and silly picture of our Brady.

In the Box

Brady loves squeezing into his box of groceries.


Brady is very fond of his magnetic letters. He knows that we sting the letters together to spell words, usually his and Dawson's name. So he has started lining up the letters (in no particular order) and running his hand along them and telling us what the spell. :-)

Lining up all the letters.

Dawson coming over to check on Brady's work.


One of the boys favorite games to play together is chase. The run around and around the couch trying to get each other (of course Dawson has to go slower than usual to allow Brady to get him).

Brady coming after Dawson.

Dawson trying to get away.


Dawson carefully placing the blocks in just the right spot for his tower creation.

The finished product.

Another tall tower.

Brady enjoyed demolishing the towers.


VBS Family Night

The children's performances at VBS family night were so cute!!! I tried to load a video of Dawson and his class singing on stage, but have been unsuccessful. But you can view it on facebook.

Dawson walking toward the stage with his class.

So cute standing up there singing their song.

When Dawson got excited and smiled really big, he became a little embarrassed and turned his head to the side to regain composure and continue with the very serious performance. ;-)


Brady looking adorable in his baseball cap.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Dawson and Brady playing in the pool and copying each other. It's so cute when they play together and amuse each other.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We are now the proud owners of a brand new 2011 Kia Sorento. It's amazing!!!! It is an SUV that can seat up to 7 passengers due to a third row (that folds down flat when not in use). It's a beautiful red with beige interior. It is extremely safe, with front and side airbags and air curtains that extend all the way to the 3rd row. Even the headrest are designed to protect passengers - they extend up and forward in the event of a rear collision to prevent neck injury. I am also thankful for the tire pressure monitoring system, which will alert me if the tire pressure is low. We are amazed with the rear camera display in our rear view mirror and the back-up warning system. There are also audio controls on the steering wheel, it's enabled for bluetooth, equipped for Sirius satellite radio (if we were willing to pay for it), plays music from an MP3 player, has heated front seats (though I can't imagine using that at this point), roof rails, and fog lights. It is an incredible car and we are ecstatic to have it.


Brady getting a close look at all the yummy pastries at Starbucks.

Backseat Brothers

Sweet, sweet brothers laughing and having fun together in the backseat.

Dawson laughing at Brady making his little turtle dance to the music.

When Brady realized he was entertaining Dawson he became much more elaborate with his turtle dancing.

Showing me his little turtle.

Father's Day

Father's Day is a very special occasion at our house, as Dawson and Brady have a wonderful father. We started the morning with homemade muffins and fruit and gift-giving. Then we headed to the Houston area to look at cars (we need a new one as ours was totalled when another drive smashed into the back of us), had a delicious lunch at Olive Garden, and visited the mall where the boys played at the tree playground and Barnes & Noble. Nothing extravagant, but still a very enjoyable day with a very enjoyable dad!

The trophy that Dawson made for Randy, which he also "decorated" with leftover Easter candy. :-)

Randy's card and presents.

A personalized frame from Dawson. There was also a tie with a picture of Brady, but I didn't get a picture of it.

Water Balloons

We love water balloons!!! It takes a while to fill them up and so little time to pop them all, but it is so much fun!

Dawson preparing to pelt me.

Brady with his favorite color balloon.

Dawson coming after me.

He thinks it's hilarious to soak me.

Brady would just pick a balloon from the wagon, throw it on the ground and pop it, pick another balloon from the wagon, throw it down and pop it, and so on. He went through them very quickly.

Saying "uh-oh" because there are no more water balloons.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Animals at Old MacDonalds

I finally took the boys to Old MacDonald's Farm in Humble. I have been wanting to do it for years. They have many, many animals to see, pet, and feed, multiple playgrounds, train rides, pony rides, a hay bard. It is such a fun place for kids!!

Brady checking out the goats.

I think the sheep were his favorite - at least his favorite animal sound to make was "baa."

Trying to pet the bunny, but he was always quick to jump away.

Throwing some food to the ducks and emu.

Getting a close look at one of the peacocks that roam free at the park.

So pretty!

We took cover under a pavilion during a rain storm. This deer took shelter there with us and the kids enjoyed feeding and petting it.