Sunday, June 13, 2010

Historic Toys Lesson

The June unit study for our homeschool group is historic toys. We started the unit off by visiting the Sam Houston Museum and learning about and then playing with some historic toys. What a fun day!
The kids listening to Rebecca tell them about some of the toys.

Rebecca demonstraing Jacob's ladder.

Dawson trying a hen pecking toy and Kaelin spinnng a wooden top.

Brady paying absolutely no attention to the demonstrations.

Brady exploring the bench full of magnificent toys.

Pushing the peg to make the bear see-saw.

He loved this ladder toy. He could actually do it - just put the piece on top and watch it make its way down the ladder.

Looking funny and cute.

Dawson getting some help with the buzz saw toy.

He's doing it!
Dawson helping the bear climb the rope.

Getting some help flipping the top of the Jacob's ladder.

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