Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dog Bed

Gramps and the Boys

My favorite picture of Brady with Gramps!!

Awe, so sweet.

A great picture of Dawson with Gramps. I'm thrilled I got them both to smile for a picture!

Group picture.

Aunt Julie

The boys with Aunt Julie. She is such a great aunt and they love her so much!!

Playing at Nanny's

It was wonderful to stay at Nanny's house. It is such a nice place to stay and play.

Dawson playing with all of his Mario toys in Nanny's kitchen.

Brady and Gramps playing a game together.

Brady putting together the train tracks.

Nanny and Brady enjoying some play time on the floor.

Nanny singing to Brady on the microphone.

Brady putting his mouth to the microphone, but refusing to sing.

Dawson bowling on the wii.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Church Water Party

Our church hosted a water party for pre-school aged children last week and the boys had a blast.

Brady and Seth washing the car.

Scrubbing it with shaving cream.

Brady in one of the baby pools, playing with the fishing poles and fish.

Showing me some of the fish.

Dawson in line for the water slide.

Down he goes!

Pure joy.

Going down head first.

He loved the water slide.


Dawson giving Brady his first taste of a sucker. He loved it, of course.

Dawson was cracking up because Brady kept lunging wide-mouthed at his sucker. Like I said, he loved it. :-)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Puddle Jumping

We have had a lot of rainy days lately and one morning after the rain we decided to go puddle jumping. It was a little disappointing because most of the water had already run off into the drains. Hopefully next time we'll have bigger and better puddles.
In their swimming suites ready to play.

Brady hopping in the puddles.

Dawson making a splash.

Wagon Ride

The boys wanted to go for a little ride in the wagon one morning.

Dawson took these pictures of Brady. Dawson: "Brady, say cheese."

Dawson: "Brady, show me your pine cone."

Dawson: "Brady, show me your rock."

Dawson: "Brady, show me your shirt."

Showing off all their natural treasures (rocks, pine cones, flowers).

5th of July Parade

We continued our annual tradition of participating in our neighborhood 4th of July parade (held on the 5th of July this year). Dawson has always enjoyed decorating a vehicle and riding in the parade. This year, Brady and his buddy Wesley rode in a wagon together. So cute!!

Dawson on his decorated bike with his homemade hat and necklace. He looks so patriotic!

Seth and Dawson on their bikes waiting for the parade to begin.

Brady and Wesley in the wagon.

Brady and Wesley won 1st place in the wagon division. Brady was proudly showing off is blue 1st place ribbon and small plastic trophy.

He's just so cute!

4th of July Fun

Dawson enjoyed some free fun and games at the city's 4th of July celebration.

Showing off his Spiderman balloon.

Jumping in the blow-up castle.

Down the slide.

Climbing the rock wall.

His favorite thing about the rock wall was "falling" down.

So cute in his harness. He really loved the rock wall.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Up in a Tree

Independence Hall

Washington on the Brazos provides many great lessons on Texas history. We visited Independence Hall, the place where the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed.

Independence Hall.

Dawson at the signing desk holding the quill pen.

Brady at the desk.

Barrington Living Farm

The Barrington Living History Farm at Washington on the Brazos is amazing!!! Interpreters explain and demonstrate what life was like on the farm of Anson Jones (last president of the Republic of Texas) in the mid-1850's. We were able to tour the farmhouse and several other buildings, see the farm animals, participate in some of the daily farm chores, and play with the historic toys.

The farmhouse.

Brady sitting on on the porch and pointing at the stairs that go "up, up, up."

Dawson and Brady in one of the bedrooms.

Brady looking at the crib.

Dawson writing on the slate board.

In the kitchen, pulling the rope to move the swatter (which was apparently used to keep the bugs away).

Brady pushing the wheel barrow.

Watching a demonstration on how they washed clothing.

Teddy scrubbing the clothes, while Brady played in the water.

Peeking in to see the chickens.

Chicken pen.

Looking at the giant pig.

Giant pig.

Tack room.

Small slave quarters.

Brady liked sitting up at the table.