Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blue Bell

We recently went on a field trip with our MOPS group to the Blue Bell Creameries in Brenham. It was neat to tour the factory, look in the country store, and of course enjoy some delicious blue bell ice cream!

Teddy and Dawson waiting for the tour to begin.

Brady with his blue bell hat.

Awe, if only Brady would have smiled.

Handsome Dawson.

Posing in front of the statue.

Brady was very intrigued with the bucket.

Teddy, Dawson, and Brady watching the video about the history of blue bell.

Checking out some of the beautiful flowers.

Brady bending down to sniff the flowers.


Dawson and Eli entertaining each other by doing silly things with their hats.

Cracking each other up.

Where's Dawson?

There he is!

Brady hiding in the bushes.

I'm not sure what they were doing back there, but it was sweet to see them all together.

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Sabrina said...

So disappointed that we missed this... love the picture of you and Brady, very cute!