Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Water Fun

The splash pad at the Houston Zoo is the highlight of our trip there. We have to go see the animals and everything else first because once we go to the children's zoo area we stay there for a while - until everyone is tired and ready to go home.
Brady investigating the turtle.

Dawson pushing the water down.

Dawson splashing wildly and Brady turning his head to avoid the splashes. :-)

Brady with his foot over the water hole to keep the water from coming up.
This little boy was so sweet and very kind to Brady. I'm sure they were very close in age, but because Brady was smaller he referred to him as a baby and would periodically come over and pat his head or put his arm around him to lead him somewhere. Very sweet.
Brady all smiles and giggles.

Very wet boy.

Checking to see if the door opens.

Sitting on one of the barrels.

Houston Zoo

We had another great trip to the Houston Zoo. Each time I'm amazed at how many amazing animals and exhibits they have. And the splash pad at the children's zoo is always fun. It was a great day.
Dawson posing with the giant elephant bank.

The kids holding their coins for the bird bank.

Reaching in to put coins in the mouth (what a great way to get donations).

Comparing their hand size to that of other primates.

Brady enjoyed flipping the pictures with the names of the primates.

Dawson and this little chipmunk had fun running back and forth with each other.

Getting an up close look at the chipmunks - so cute and so energetic.
Teddy and Brady in the piranha crawl tunnel.
The beautiful coral reef.

Dinosaurs at the Zoo

While at the Houston Zoo we toured the temporary dinosaur exhibit. It was a nice scenic trail with various mechanical dinosaurs to observe. They moved, made sounds, and one even squirted water. The boys really enjoyed it.

Park Play Day

The boys and I had a fun park day last week. My goal was for us to visit 3 or 4 parks in town, but they were really hot and tired after just 2. I guess I shouldn't plan a multiple park day in August. :-)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Potato Brady

Brady not only likes to adorn his potato heads with accessories - he also likes to wear them himself. :-)

Brady's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Brady's 2nd birthday with Elmo, a character he knows and loves. We decorated the house with Sesame Street decorations, lots of balloons, and made a very special Elmo cake. Brady was thrilled to come downstairs and find all the balloons and decorations. He had a special breakfast of banana bread - we even put 2 candles in it and sang happy birthday. After breakfast, Brady opened a few presents and enjoyed some time playing with his new things. Later that morning, our wonderful friends, Angie, Steve, and Kaelin came over to celebrate with us. Brady enjoyed their company and we all had Elmo cake together. After Brady's nap, he watched an episode of Elmo's world, opened a couple more presents, and we went outside to play bubbles, water balloons, and various other outdoor toys (Brady even pedaled the tricycle on his own for the first time!). We came inside, had a bath, and one of Brady's favorite things for supper (macaroni and cheese), followed by more Elmo cake with candles and happy birthday again. Afterward, Brady opened his last present and enjoyed an evening at home playing with all of his new toys. What a wonderful day for a 2 year old boy!! And he is such a wonderful 2 year old boy. We love him so very much and are incredibly thankful to have him in our lives.

Birthday morning scene.

Plenty of presents.

He was especially excited about the balloons all over the floor.

Elmo cake!

Elmo cake with 2 candles in his nose.

Smiling sweetly as everyone sang happy birthday to him.

Blowing out the candles.

Chowing down on his big piece of cake.

Birthday Presents

Brady did an excellent job of opening his presents this year and was excited to do so. He took his time with each one, wanting to open them and play with them (or read them), but Dawson kept him on track by continually bringing him new presents to open. :-)

Opening his first present - a puzzle.

Excited about new balls.

So cute! Getting ready to throw his ball.

Opening another present as big brother looks on.

He was so happy to get some new books.

He loved his Birthday Monsters book.

Looking at a little Micky book that Dawson picked out for him.

Opening one of his big presents - a Potato Head set with several costumes.

Playing with his potato people.

Opening his last present later that evening (we like to drag out the birthday celebration and make it an all day event).

He loves trains to he was excited about a new Geo Trax.