Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Presents

Brady did an excellent job of opening his presents this year and was excited to do so. He took his time with each one, wanting to open them and play with them (or read them), but Dawson kept him on track by continually bringing him new presents to open. :-)

Opening his first present - a puzzle.

Excited about new balls.

So cute! Getting ready to throw his ball.

Opening another present as big brother looks on.

He was so happy to get some new books.

He loved his Birthday Monsters book.

Looking at a little Micky book that Dawson picked out for him.

Opening one of his big presents - a Potato Head set with several costumes.

Playing with his potato people.

Opening his last present later that evening (we like to drag out the birthday celebration and make it an all day event).

He loves trains to he was excited about a new Geo Trax.

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