Friday, August 13, 2010

Brady & Wesley Birthday Bash

Brady celebrated his upcoming 2 year birthday with his very good buddy, Wesley, who turns 2 a mere 5 days after Brady. We had a joint b-day party with just the 2 of them (and older siblings). It was a low-key playdate with cupcakes and candles to blow out - perfect for (almost) 2 year olds.

Brady showing Wesley the ring in the ball pit.

Popping out of the tent.

Down the slide.

An adorable picture of Wesley peeking out of the tent.

Brady crawling through one of the tunnels.

Dawson, Hannah, and Wesley in the inflatable bouncer (unfortunately Brady wasn't interested in joining the jumping fun).

Dawson falling down - he and Wesley had a great time jumping and then falling down over and over again.

Dawson running around the room with the balloons.

Hannah having fun chasing the balloon pack around the room.

Wesley opening his present - a little people boat for the bath.

Brady LOVED his tea set. What a great gift!

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