Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Water Fun

The splash pad at the Houston Zoo is the highlight of our trip there. We have to go see the animals and everything else first because once we go to the children's zoo area we stay there for a while - until everyone is tired and ready to go home.
Brady investigating the turtle.

Dawson pushing the water down.

Dawson splashing wildly and Brady turning his head to avoid the splashes. :-)

Brady with his foot over the water hole to keep the water from coming up.
This little boy was so sweet and very kind to Brady. I'm sure they were very close in age, but because Brady was smaller he referred to him as a baby and would periodically come over and pat his head or put his arm around him to lead him somewhere. Very sweet.
Brady all smiles and giggles.

Very wet boy.

Checking to see if the door opens.

Sitting on one of the barrels.

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