Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun Park Day

We have been spending lots of time at the park enjoying these glorious fall days. Here are a few pictures from a recent morning at the park.
Brady watching the ducks. What you can't see in this picture is him quacking at the ducks - so cute!!!

Dawson and Kaelin at the top of the ladder looking at the big lawnmower mowing the grass.

Brady hanging on the ladder.

All smiles as he came down the twisty slide.

Zipping down one of the steep, fast slides at the playground.

Sitting at the bottom of the slide.

My sweet boys playing together. Brady got such a kick out of banging on the window with Dawson.

Such a sweet, cute, happy boy.

Talking to Dad

Randy has a new webcam at his office and the boys always love it when they get the chance to see and talk to him on the computer.


Show and Tell

Pictures from a show and tell at our homeschool group:

Dawson sitting on the stool (that he pulled out) waiting for show and tell to begin. He was all business!

Dawson showing one of his plastic dinosaurs. He was so cute. He showed it, described it in great detail, told us that he didn't really think it was pink and purple that they just made it that way because it is a toy, and then he turned to the page in his dinosaur book and read about the specific dinosaur. He was so, so cute!!!

Kaelin showing us her triceratops and singing a song about it. What a sweetie!

Ben brought a Tyrannosaurus Rex that he had made. He was an excellent show and teller. :-)

The most exciting item for show and tell came from Teddy (well, really from his dad who is a paleobiologist). It was from his lab - a model of a Velociraptor skull and a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth. Amazing!! The kids - and parents - were enthralled.

Checking out the Velociraptor skull.

Teddy holding the Tyrannosaurus tooth.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

State Park Nature Walk

We celebrated the first day of fall with a trip to the Huntsville State Park and a beautiful walk on one of the trails. The only thing lacking was the cool fall weather. :-)

All the kids posing for a picture on a log before we started our walk.

Dawson showing me where we are on the map. He loves maps and is very good at using them to navigate.

Rachel and Brady, the two-year-olds, bringing up the rear.

Brady amusing himself with a stick. He finds all sorts of fun distractions when we go for hikes - sticks, rocks, leaves, bugs.

Sarah, Daniel, and Dawson sitting on bench, waiting for the others to catch up.

Brady waving his beautiful red leaf.

We took a break at a little park along the path and Dawson immediately headed to this very steep slide.

Down he goes.

Brady laughing as he swings.

Another stop along the trail - a fun platform.

What a cute group of kids.

Fun in the Lake

After our trail walk, picnic, and playing at the playground, we headed over to the beach area by the lake with the intention of letting the kids play in the sand and maybe get their feet wet in the very shallow part of the lake. Very shortly after getting their feet in the water, their entire bodies ended up in the water. They were completely soaked, clothes and all, but having so much fun. It was a great memory-making day!Add Image

Brady playing in the water with a stick.
There's nothing like scooping up mud from the bottom of the lake.

Dawson lying in the water and splashing.

Brady on all fours in the water. He had to be sure to get his clothing completely drenched.

Wet and happy and cute!

Dawson and Brady playing together in the lake.

Lounging in the water.

Laughing as he splashes me.

Brady wasn't in a swim diaper and his regular diaper really soaked up the water. It was so funny to see him waddling around in this heavy diaper.

Dawson in his underwear, socks, and shoes - a very humorous sight.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sonic Playground

Pictures from a recent visit to the new playground at Sonic. New playgrounds are always so much fun!!

Dawson hanging out at the top of the tallest slide.

Brady climbing up to join Dawson, of course.

Zipping down.

Stopping for a picture. Yes, my children are well-trained in posing for pictures. :-)

Little Brady going down the very tall twisty slide.

Going down another slide.

All smiles at the bottom.

Ringing the bell - what a fun feature of the playground.

Dawson also loved ringing the very loud bell.

Doing the maze.

Brade excited about letters, as always.

Peering through the bars.