Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun in the Lake

After our trail walk, picnic, and playing at the playground, we headed over to the beach area by the lake with the intention of letting the kids play in the sand and maybe get their feet wet in the very shallow part of the lake. Very shortly after getting their feet in the water, their entire bodies ended up in the water. They were completely soaked, clothes and all, but having so much fun. It was a great memory-making day!Add Image

Brady playing in the water with a stick.
There's nothing like scooping up mud from the bottom of the lake.

Dawson lying in the water and splashing.

Brady on all fours in the water. He had to be sure to get his clothing completely drenched.

Wet and happy and cute!

Dawson and Brady playing together in the lake.

Lounging in the water.

Laughing as he splashes me.

Brady wasn't in a swim diaper and his regular diaper really soaked up the water. It was so funny to see him waddling around in this heavy diaper.

Dawson in his underwear, socks, and shoes - a very humorous sight.

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