Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Show and Tell

Pictures from a show and tell at our homeschool group:

Dawson sitting on the stool (that he pulled out) waiting for show and tell to begin. He was all business!

Dawson showing one of his plastic dinosaurs. He was so cute. He showed it, described it in great detail, told us that he didn't really think it was pink and purple that they just made it that way because it is a toy, and then he turned to the page in his dinosaur book and read about the specific dinosaur. He was so, so cute!!!

Kaelin showing us her triceratops and singing a song about it. What a sweetie!

Ben brought a Tyrannosaurus Rex that he had made. He was an excellent show and teller. :-)

The most exciting item for show and tell came from Teddy (well, really from his dad who is a paleobiologist). It was from his lab - a model of a Velociraptor skull and a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth. Amazing!! The kids - and parents - were enthralled.

Checking out the Velociraptor skull.

Teddy holding the Tyrannosaurus tooth.

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Angie said...

these pictures are AWESOME!! Our group looks really big :)