Sunday, September 26, 2010

State Park Nature Walk

We celebrated the first day of fall with a trip to the Huntsville State Park and a beautiful walk on one of the trails. The only thing lacking was the cool fall weather. :-)

All the kids posing for a picture on a log before we started our walk.

Dawson showing me where we are on the map. He loves maps and is very good at using them to navigate.

Rachel and Brady, the two-year-olds, bringing up the rear.

Brady amusing himself with a stick. He finds all sorts of fun distractions when we go for hikes - sticks, rocks, leaves, bugs.

Sarah, Daniel, and Dawson sitting on bench, waiting for the others to catch up.

Brady waving his beautiful red leaf.

We took a break at a little park along the path and Dawson immediately headed to this very steep slide.

Down he goes.

Brady laughing as he swings.

Another stop along the trail - a fun platform.

What a cute group of kids.

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