Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Neighborhood Halloween Festival

We attended our first Halloween festival of the month - our little neighborhood gathering. It was small, but still fun.

Brady and his horse are ready to go!

Romo and Mario working on a craft.

Football isn't the only thing Romo is good at - he can play basketball too!! I know it's a very short hoop, but Dawson was still great!

Instead of tossing the bean bags, Brady went right up to the pumpkin and put them through the holes. He still thought it was fun!

Brady trying the ball toss game - more of a ball rolling game for him.


Brady was walking by the lights and touching each one as he said his ABC's.

The little ones all lined up for the costume contest. Of course, I thought Brady was absolutely adorable, but the judges didn't choose him. I know, I know, it's crazy!! :-)

The bigger kids lined up for the costume judging. Again, our cowboy didn't win, but we thought he looked very cute!

Dawson, Sarah, and Brady ready for the hayride.

Family picture on the hayride.

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