Monday, November 29, 2010

Forrest Glen

We had a fun fall play date at Forrest Glen Camp with our MOPS group. We played indoors, outdoors, decorated cookies, and made ornaments. It was a fun-filled morning.

Dawson climbing the rope ladder.

Brady wanting to go on the rings.

Very happy about eating his cookie. He loves sweet treats!

Dawson's snowman ornament.

Hanging out in this neat space beside the fireplace.

Dawson being silly and making Brady laugh. These are the BEST moments!

Fun Play House

Brady really enjoyed this cute little play house set up at our Forrest Glen play date. He and Wesley had a good time playing there - and Dawson even joined in on the fun.


Brady and Dawson with Nanny.

Hide and Seek

Brady had so much fun playing hide and seek at Gramp's house. This was his best hiding spot. He just hid his head in the leather jackets and thought we couldn't' see him. So funny!

Mall Play Area

Dawson and Brady enjoyed this fun play area at the Abilene Mall.
Sweet, sweet brothers.

Dawson hanging out in a tunnel, which was actually the wheel area on the ambulance.

Brady flipping the pictures - so fun!


Tall Dawson on the soccer ball.

Brady standing tall on the soccer ball. He thought he was so big.

Chuck E Cheese's

We stopped at Chuck E. Cheese's in Ft. Worth on our way to Abilene. It's a fun place to get out and run and play on our very long road trip.

Brady riding the train (he loves trains).

Toddler-sized whack-a-mole.

Playing on the neat playground.

Dawson pretending to be in a restaurant and offering to serve me through the window.

Brady copying Dawson, of course.

Brady was fascinated with this neat basketball game.

Dawson and Brady playing each other.

Dawson and some random kid he met playing a game of air hockey.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Washington DC Sights

We really enjoyed seeing the amazing sights in DC. Dawson was especially excited as he has really enjoyed learning about American history and presidential history. He and Randy also went on a tour of the White House, but weren't allowed to take pictures there. We also made stops at The Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, went inside and up the Washington Monument (all of our favorites), visited the National Archives, and the Air and Space Museum. It was a very busy and fascinating day.

National Zoo

We love zoos and had a great time at the National Zoo, but I always have a hard time taking pictures at zoos because I prefer pictures of my family to pictures of animals. Anyway, this is what we managed to get:

Checking out the jaguar eating his lunch - what appeared to be a rabbit.

In the neat kids lookout at the tiger exhibit.

Brady getting a close look at a turtle.

Looking at a very large reptile.

Dawson looking at the neat fact board with pictures that you flip up to find the answers to various questions.

Pointing out a creepy looking spider.

Inside the skull.

Brady relaxing on a bench.

Backyard Fun

Dawson loved playing in Granny's skinny backyard. He especially loved playing football and soccer with Granny, who very graciously agreed to play with him each time he asked. They made some fun memories.

Mount Vernon

This picture sums up our Mt. Vernon trip - Dawson was happy and loved it, while Brady was cold and sick and miserable. It really is an amazing place!! I didn't get a chance to take many pictures because of a certain fussy little fellow, but it was gorgeous and inspiring and wonderful!!

Brothers on a Boat

Hanging out on a boat at this amazing zip line playground we discovered.


There is a Peeps store at the Baltimore Waterfront. An entire store dedicated to Peeps - very strange, but a fun visit. Below is Brady tying one of the Peeps samples.

The Awakening

We all loved seeing The Awakening at the Baltimore harbor and the boys especially loved climbing all over it. What fun!