Thursday, December 23, 2010

Present Time!

My family has always enjoyed giving lots of gifts at Christmas and this year was no exception. They really spoiled the boys. And of course they enjoyed every minute of it. I loved the excitement and joy they got out of each gift. Even though they are spoiled, they are extremely appreciative.

Dawson picked out a special gift for Aunt Julie this year - a Lite Brite. Can you tell how excited she is? What a fun aunt!

Julie showing off the Lite Brite.

Giving Brady a hug and thanking him for the present.

Brady opening his first gift.

Admiring his new bath toys.

Dawson's first present - an inflatable car that you can plug your Wii remote into when you play Mario Kart. Now all he needs is the Mario Kart game (wink, wink).

Caselyn helping Brady open the gift she and Chance got him.

Dawson was very excited to get the new Imaginext toy (robot police). Thanks, Julie!

Showing off the new toy.

Thanking Julie and giving her a hug. What a great picture!

Brady pulling out a new car.

Dawson showing me his Piranha Panic game.

Brady opening the big sack from Nanny - an awesome new Thomas the Train scooter!!

He loves his new scooter.

He's so excited. What could it be???

It's Wheel of Fortune for the Wii!!! He loves Wheel of Fortune and watches it every night. Now he can play it on the Wii. Thanks, Nanny!

Brady and Caselyn playing with the wonderful Thomas the Train sets from Gramps.

Sweet cousins playing together.

Dawson got an Imaginext vehicle to go with the robot police set.

Brady happy to get a Thomas book and pad.

Drawing on the pad.

Brady got this awesome Alphie Robot, which came with its own backpack. Of course he had to put it on and show everyone. What a cutie!

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