Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter in the Park

This year we went to Winter in the Park in downtown Huntsville and had a wonderful time. There were inflatable bounce houses, slides, games, snacks, a train ride, and the opportunity to play in "snow." It was a very fun time, though the snow was disappointing as it wasn't really snow, but hard ice. And it was very hot this year so it was funny to see all the kids in shorts and t-shirts playing in the snow pit.

Jumping in the bouncer.

The best part of jumping really high is crashing down!

Down the big slide.

He was so happy and had so much fun.

Pinning the carrot on the snowman.

Aboard the train.

Dashing through the snow.

Dawson and Sarah with their clumps of ice.

Sweet Sarah tolerating Dawson and his desire to pelt her with snowballs.

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