Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dawson's 6th Birthday

Dawson had a wonderful 6th birthday. He woke up, had birthday muffins, opened presents, enjoyed a morning at home playing with all of his new things, and then had a birthday party with friends that afternoon. And he was so, so sweet to his little brother on his birthday. Brady desperately wanted it to be his birthday and kept asking where his presents where. Dawson graciously allowed Brady to help him open every single present (and was so sweet about it) and shared everything with him. He is such an amazing 6 year old!

Showing off 2 new super heroes.

Blowing out the candles on his muffins.

Brady wanted to blow out a candle too.

Dawson letting Brady open one of his presents.

Working together to open another gift.

And another.

Dawson was so excited when he saw the magic kit. He immediately went over to hug Randy (who really is a magician and plans to teach Dawson some fun magic tricks).

New books.

Opening the giant Scooby Doo sack from Nanny and Julie.

So excited about the Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion.

Dawson playing with the mansion and Brady playing with the van.

Riding his awesome new Razor Rip Rider 360. It's so fun!!!

Sweet Friends

The sweet friends at Dawson's party:

Dawson and Sarah.

Sarah, Kaelin, and Dawson.

Dawson, Wesley, and Hannah.

Teddy and Dawson.

Ben and Dawson.

James and Dawson.

Dawson, Seth, and James.

Birthday Party Fun

Dawson's 6th birthday party was a huge success!! He wanted a sports theme this year so we invited some of his closest friends to play games at the park. We started with football toss (through a hula hoop), went on a ball (instead of Easter egg) hunt, gave the kids cans of silly string and had them go on a scavenger hunt to find (and spray) various sports pictures hung throughout the park, enjoyed whacking a baseball pinata, and ended the party with cake and presents. It was an incredible, fun-filled afternoon!

Dawson throwing the football through the hoop.

I love Seth's football toss pose!

James ready to toss the ball in.

Ben's perfect throw.

Cute Cy!

Dawson reaching up to squirt one of the balls in the scavenger hunt.

They covered the baseball bat with silly string.

Hannah taking a swing at the baseball pinata.

Go Kaelin!

Seth is so serious.

Dawson really went after the pinata.

Dawson and his football cake (I also made a soccer cake but didn't get a picture of it).

Blowing out the candles.

Admiring his new Slamwich game.

He was really excited about the football gear (Texans football and hat).

Wow, U-Build It Sorry.

A nerf gun from Teddy.

Checking out the awesome game Hannah got him - Money Bags.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Dawson took this sweet picture of his little brother.



I See You!

"Brady, I see you and you are SO BIG!"


The look on Dawson's face when Kaelin wheeled out the Razor scooter she got him for his birthday. He was thrilled!
Dawson with his hand in the air, exclaiming that this was the greatest gift ever and that Kaelin is the greatest friend in the whole world. Such enthusiasm!! I love how excited he gets about things. And how much he appreciates the giver.

Checking out the cool new scooter.

Trying it out. Thanks, Angie and Kaelin!! He loves it!

Playing at Angie's

The ever cute and silly Brady.

Tossing the inflatable globe to Kaelin, in a game they call volleyball.

Kaelin tossing it back to Dawson. So funny how they are both leaning. What cuties!

Hiding under Kaelin's bed during a game of hide-and-seek.

Brady crawling out from under the bed.

Brady's Baby

Brady loves playing with his baby dolls and he is so cute doing so!!! Boys and their dolls are precious. Boys can be kind and nurturing too!!
Reading a story to his baby.

Tucking his babies into bed.

And giving them a goodnight kiss.