Saturday, February 19, 2011

Adorable Boys

Day at the Houston Zoo

Dawson and Brady being silly by the orangutan.

Admiring the giraffes in the new African Forrest exhibit.

Awe, it would have been a great picture if Brady would have smiled.

They both really liked seeing the Chimpanzee.

Comparing their hand size with that of a chimpanzee, gorilla, and man.

Dawson in the African village.

Some very interesting masks.

Making the elephant sound. :-)

Brady by the seal. What a cutie!

Pushing buttons is always fun, especially when they make animal sounds.

The favorite feature at the playground.

Peeping up the peephole to see the prairie dogs.

Cave boys.

All the fish looking at Brady.

In the piranha tunnel.

Houston Downtown Aquarium

We went to the Downtown Houston Aquarium with our local homeschool group and had a blast. We are blessed to have such a large and wonderful homeschool community here.

Brady: "Oh no, a shark!"

Both of my wonderful boys sitting with the shark.

Such cuties!!! They are in a little boat in the aquarium.

Checking out the puffer fish in this cool, over your head aquarium.

Randy and Brady looking down at Dawson and the rays while Dawson peers up at them.

Dawson in the little peephole.

Dawson the deep sea diver.

He was fascinated with the python.

Getting an up-close look at the white tiger.

Randy was attacked by one of the tigers. He's okay now.

Aquarium Rides

On the ferris wheel.

Dawson on his favorite ride - the Lighthouse Dive.

Ready for the train ride.

We had to wait a while for other passengers. I love this picture of Brady as he waits and waits and waits.

Dawson chose the shark on the carousel. And look, no hands. :-)

Brady on the alligator.



Dawson very funny flip-up shades. :-)

Brady in his cool shades.

Fireman Brady

Playing House

Brady loves playing in the little house at the children's museum.
Bringing me a cup of tea.


Fishing in the fun water area at the children's museum.

Incredible Pizza Train Ride

Saying "choo-choo" while he rides the train.

Laughing at his silly big brother.

Sweet boys riding the train together.

Tea Cups

Riding the miniature spinning teacups at Incredible Pizza.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Best Fort Ever

One of the best things to do when stuck inside during cold weather - build a fort!!
Three sheets, a dining room table, several chairs, clips and heavy objects to keep it all in place = one cool fort.

Dawson playing with some toys in the fort.

He loved it!! He spent almost the entire morning playing in it.

Dawson hanging out on the floor, while Brady climbs all over the chairs.

Standing up in the fort.

Jumping up and down and bopping the sheet. It looked really funny from the outside to see his little head keep jumping up. :-)

Gertrude really loved the fort - though she would have preferred it if the kids had left her alone.

We even ate our lunch in the fort. It was one of our best picnics ever.