Saturday, February 5, 2011

Date Night

We had the pleasure of caring for and playing with the amazing Heinemann kids while their parents went on a date night. Dawson referred to the evening of having his friends over as his date night. :-)

Adorable Andrew.

Randy enjoying sweet little Andrew.

Dawson playing peek-a-boo with Andrew.

Wesley chilling out in the Elmo chair.

Wesley playing with the giant little people car garage.

Brady and Hannah coming to play too.

Cute Wesley - he would run out of the room and then dash back in to scare us.

Hannah having fun with the very cool Alphie robot.

Dawson and Wesley pretending to shop and pay the cashier.

Wesley was so generous - he gave everyone $5.

Dawson and Hannah playing the silly Ned's Head game.

Andrew was fascinated with the spinning Elmo and colorful lights.

Brady playing with Elmo.

Unfortunately, I didn't get much of Andrew in this picture, but it was so funny!! Brady was giving him a bottle. "You want a bottle, baby. Oh, okay. Here you go, baby." Hehehe!!

Concluding "date night" with a Handy Manny puzzle.

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Angie said...

You all look so natural with 5 kids! I'm serious! C'mon... at least 1 more?!