Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Washington on the Brazos

This was our second trip to Washington on the Brazos - an amazing, wonderful, historic, fun place. We had a great time and the company of some great friends.
Seline, James, Dawson, & Teddy.

Dawson and Daniel on the cool climbing tree.

Dawson up in the tree. He loves to climb trees and was so excited to climb all over this great tree.

James and Dawson.

Dawson with a beautiful blue Texas sky in the background.
Brady with his stick and his funny face.

Good ol' fake camera smiles. :-)


Brady pushed this wheel barrel all over the yard. So simple and so enjoyable.

I love this picture! Dawson threw the hoop up in the air and Daniel and James are looking up and getting ready to catch it.

Brady trying valiantly to lift a water bucket.

Dawson's attempt to lift the water. Unfortunately, he just wasn't tall enough.

Exploring one of the cabins on the property.

Watching a woodcarving demonstration.

Peering in at the chickens, rooster, and giant turkey!!!!

Star of Republic Museum

The Star of Republic Museum at Washington on the Brazos was so neat!!! And Dawson and I have been studying Texas history this month so he was actually interested in a lot of the artifacts and exhibits. And Brady was just happy to run around and play. :-)

Posing in front of the Stephen F. Austin statue.

A much smaller version of Sam Houston than we are used to around here.

A model of a Mexican soldier and his weapons during the fight for Texas independence.

Looking in on some very creepy heads that lit up and told about their life in Texas.

Brady steering the riverboat. He loved turning the giant wheel.

Dawson's turn at the wheel.

Climbing up a humongous wooden screw.

Brady in the mock school area, playing with the water pail and ladle.

Offering me a drink.

Looking at some of the fascinating animals in Texas.

Posing by the buffalo.

Yee-haw! One of the cutest cowboys ever!

Another cute cowboy!

Drum, drum, drum.

The drums were definitely popular with the kids.

Listening to a neat story on Texas before they constructed their own mini Texas scrapbook. Aren't they all so cute?!

Airport Park

Brady going down one of the twisty slides.

Dawson recent obsession is monkey bars and he enjoyed all the varieties at the airport park.

Round and round he goes.

Spinning on the fun wheel.

Two brothers on the see-saw.

Brady inside his house.

The big clock is always fascinating.

Pointing out all the numbers.

Brady likes to "wibble, wobble" on the swings.

Dawson happily swinging away.


Brady loves, loves, loves his trains. He plays with them everyday. He has them talk to each other and go on great adventures. It is so neat to watch his imaginative play.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dinosaur Park

The dinosaur park always makes for a fun morning!!

Dawson taunting me, telling me I can't catch him.

Brady on the bridge!

Dawson and another boy comparing their Cars shirts.

Racing down the slide.

Brady hanging out on the dinosaur.

Several of the kids came down "a secret, hidden path" (Dawson's words) to explore a creek bed. They all thought it was a very neat, special place.

Pausing for a picture by the bridge, which was at the end of our nature walk.