Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Awesome Health Museum

The Houston Health Museum is awesome!!! We planned a field trip there after studying the human body and had a wonderful (and educational) time.

Dawson in front of the giant face before we entered "the body."

A few homeschool friends that also came to the museum.

Brady pretending to brush the teeth (these are the teeth inside the big face).

Sitting on the teeth.

This was so cool!! The skeleton on the bike mimicked Dawson's movements. So fun!

Brady checking out the skeleton.

Dawson completing a skeleton puzzle and putting the bones where they belonged.

The body scanner - he could change the the picture to x-ray, CAT scan, MRI.

Putting the liver in its proper spot.

Dawson in front of the heart display.

Watching a demonstration about how much blood the heart pumps.

Matching the allergens on Allergic Alex.

Fascinated with the image of internal organs.

Answering questions to see the estimate of how long he will live.

92 years old.

This was one of their favorite exhibits. They could push buttons in different areas of the brain (balance, sight, etc.), which would effect how the cowboy robot danced. They would just laugh and laugh when he would loose his balance and fall down.

Brady with his 3D glasses on waiting for the show about all the creepy crawly things on the human body. And he watched the entire show!

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