Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ride-on Toys

I recently took the boys on a "Woodlands Fun Day." We started off at the mall, playing on all the coin-operated riding toys (no need to put coins in when they can use their imagination), spent some fun time on the new indoor kids play area, spent a long time at Barnes & Noble playing trains and reading books, went to Northshore Park to picnic and play at the awesome playgrounds, visited the Children's Museum, went to Carter's to pick out new summer pajamas, ate supper at Cracker Barrel, and then went home to have a bath and enjoy a movie night and popcorn. What a day!! What fun memories.

It's really a story time truck, but they pretended it was an ice cream truck.

On the lookout for any customers wanting to buy ice cream.

Yum, my serving of blueberry ice cream. :-)

Driving in a giant apple, of course.

Peering out the window. What a cutie!

Brady and his pet worm.

Dawson's horse is winning the race!

Getting ready to start another race.

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