Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Ready to swim!
Hanging out in the "warm" tub.
We brought some of Brady's trains along for the trip and he spent much of our time in the room playing with his beloved trains.
Dawson reading Magic Tree House before bed.
Tired from a long, fun day.

Sea World

Watching the dolphins.
It was amazing to have such a close encounter with the dolphins.
Dawson feeding a dolphin (Brady did it too!).
Dawson and Brady together on one of the rides.
Randy and Dawson (3rd row from the back).
Brady on the carousel. He was very insistent on riding the purple horse.
Brady and Randy on the mini ferris wheel.
Water splash pad area. So much fun!
Dawson (literally) hanging out on the water pipes.
Swinging from the rope.
Getting drenched in the waterfall.
Cute wet Brady.
Ready for the 4-D Sesame Street show.
Definitely one of the cutest pictures ever!
Dawson examining the map to determine where we should go next.

Museum Day

We always visit the San Antonio Children's Museum when we are in town. It is 3 stories of amazing and fun exhibits.
Brady in the ball room, fascinated with the wind blowing out of the tube.
Putting balls in the wind flow and watching them hover there.
The small versions of these at the store are fascinating, so this life-size version was really incredible.
Racing balls down the ramp.
How Dawson measures up to a basketball star.
Brady on the plane (yes, they have a real plane in the museum!), buckled up and ready for take-off.
Ohhh . . . colored bubbling water.
Huge Lite Brite.
Brady playing the big xylophone.
Dawson playing the drums and symbols in this neat interactive exhibit.
Shopping at the market.
Scanning and checking out their groceries. It really worked!! They both really loved this.
Brady took all his groceries over to Randy and had to show and tell him what each and every food item was - and he was very animated doing so.
Dawson working at the cash register again. This is his dream job, as he is very adamant that he wants to be a Target cashier when he grows up. I know all that homeschooling will be put to good use with that career choice. :-)


Dawson in front of the Alamo. He was excited to visit it after learning about the famous battle when we studied Texas history.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Random Cute Pictures


When Dawson finished his phonics / language arts curriculum, we surprised him with a special gift.
The set of Magic Tree House books, a series he really, really enjoys reading. He was so excited!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Folk Festival

We had our annual trip to the Folk Festival this year and took along our wonderful friend, Sarah.

Exploring one of the tents.

What used to be a part of a beaver.

Checking out the inside of the fireplace at Sam Houston's old hunting cabin.

Brady had to try out the old rocking chair.

Sharing some lemonade (the best lemonade ever!!).

Brady sees a gazebo and has to go sing and dance. And of course he's adorable doing it.


We enjoyed several Easter celebrations this year. We celebrated at church, at our neighborhood egg hunt, and at home. Wonderful family memories!

Such cute boys!!

Dawson waiting for the neighborhood egg hunt to begin.

And they're off!

Dawson quickly gathering eggs.

Brady had to pick up and shake every egg before he put it in his basket.

The boys and their loot.

Brady found one of two special eggs and won a prize from the Easter bunny.

Brady and his best buddy Wesley before the church egg hunt.

Taking his time, shaking each egg. So cute!

Sitting together to look inside their eggs. Dawson was an amazing big brother and passed lots of his candy over to Brady.

Excited to see their Easter baskets on Easter morning.

Dawson thrilled with a basket of Phineas and Ferb goodies.

Toys and books.

Brady got Thomas puzzles and books. He was especially excited about the books, spread them all out on the floor and told us about each one - what the story was and which trains were in it. He loves Thomas the Train.

Ready to find the eggs hidden at home.

Ready, set, go!

Dawson relaxing on the couch after all the excitement, reading his new Phineas and Ferb comic book.