Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Museum Day

We always visit the San Antonio Children's Museum when we are in town. It is 3 stories of amazing and fun exhibits.
Brady in the ball room, fascinated with the wind blowing out of the tube.
Putting balls in the wind flow and watching them hover there.
The small versions of these at the store are fascinating, so this life-size version was really incredible.
Racing balls down the ramp.
How Dawson measures up to a basketball star.
Brady on the plane (yes, they have a real plane in the museum!), buckled up and ready for take-off.
Ohhh . . . colored bubbling water.
Huge Lite Brite.
Brady playing the big xylophone.
Dawson playing the drums and symbols in this neat interactive exhibit.
Shopping at the market.
Scanning and checking out their groceries. It really worked!! They both really loved this.
Brady took all his groceries over to Randy and had to show and tell him what each and every food item was - and he was very animated doing so.
Dawson working at the cash register again. This is his dream job, as he is very adamant that he wants to be a Target cashier when he grows up. I know all that homeschooling will be put to good use with that career choice. :-)

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