Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I wish I photographed all our cool science studies, but I often don't think of it. We just finished our study of plants and Dawson really enjoyed this unit (although his favorite is still weather). And I just want to say again how awesome K12 is!!! We love our curriculum!

Beans in a bag. We kept the paper town moist, kept them in the sunlight, and observed the germination process. Dawson found it fascinating.

Time to plant our little seedlings.

The beans are in the pots.

Watering his beans. They did amazing and grew wonderfully - until the deer ate them, that is. :-(

Our experiment to observe how water travels up the stem - white carnations in colored water.

The glass of yellow water had the shortest stem so it turned bright yellow well before the others changed color.

Tinges of green and blue on the outer edges of the other 2 carnations.

We put wilted celery in colored water and after a couple of days it was firm and straight again and the leaves had turned red.

We cut the stem to see all the tiny red xylem.

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