Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bowling Buddies

A fun group of kids at our MOPS play date at the bowling alley.

Seth and Dawson - such good friends!

Sweet Friends

Some of our best and sweetest friends:
Wesley reading Brady a story. Definitely one of my favorite pictures!

Hannah and Dawson were a team for princess go fish. They were so cute and always very excited when they got a match.

Very amused with themselves and their skills at card playing. :-)

Playing a fun exercise
flashcard game. This card had them lay on their back and pretend to pedal a bicycle.

Oh no! Pirates in the hideout!!!

H2O Cookout

We are blessed to be a part of a wonderful homeschool group (H2O - Huntsville HomeSchool Organization) with many amazing families. These pictures are from the annual H2O family cookout.
Ben and Dawson airborne on the trampoline.
Brady jumping on the trampoline. He loved jumping on it and being bounced around by the bigger kids.
Cutie in the kiddie pool.
Trying to play a water balloon game, but the device didn't work properly.
They popped the more than 200 water balloons in no time!
Dawson & Teddy in the princess jeep. ;-)
Brady enjoying a cool and messy Popsicle.
On the way home - happy and tired from all the fun.



My little helpers:

Train Table

A very sweet friend recently gave this train table to Brady. He loves it and plays with it every day. Sometimes he even lets Dawson play along with him. :-)


Waiting for Barnes & Noble to open. I know it's a picture of their backs, but I still find it so adorable. :-)
Dawson took this picture of Brady and I reading a Thomas book.

Hunny Pot Brady

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese

A fun morning at Chuck E. Cheese with friends:

Lucan, Caden, Dawson, and Sarah with the creepy robotic Chuck E. Cheese.

The "kid table."

Brady on the carousel.

Brady riding his horse while Whitney cheers him on.

It's a fire truck but it plays "Wheels on the Bus." Oh well, Brady loved it.

Dawson watching the roller coaster ride that Caden and Lucan are on.

I'm not sure exactly what this game was, but it was Dawson's favorite.

Brady popping bubbles.

Whack-A-Mole is always a good time.

Cute little Brady peeping through the hole up on the playground.

Such a cutie!

I know these pictures are a bit redundant, but he is just so darn cute!

Playing at Sonic

A fun time at the Sonic playground and volleyball court (AKA big sand pit):
Dawson, Seth, & Cy on the slide.

Two great sets of brothers.

Brady filling his bucket.

Laying in the sand, burying his arms in it, and then watching how the sand slopes and drops away as he lifts his hand out. Apparently, it's very fascinating.

Dawson, Seth, and Cy playing in one of the vehicles.

Dawson, Teddy, Lucy, Rosalie, and Seline crowded on the tiny car.

Brady driving to Home Depot; Dawson standing tall on the back.

Friday, June 3, 2011

So Cute!

Cute, adorable, precious, sweet. They are amazing!!


Sweet friends Dawson, Ben, Teddy, and Hannah.

Church Water Party

Our church had a water party to celebrate the end of school - so fun!
Dawson going down the water slide.

Big splash!

All wet and adorable and having a great time.

Splashing into the pool at the end of the giant inflatable slip-n-slide.

Brady fishing in the little baby pool.

Brady and his friend Rachel washing the car with shaving cream.

They were so cute!!

Covered in shaving cream.

Not a fan of it on his nose. Hehehehe. I admit I left it here a little longer than he would have liked because it was so funny and cute.