Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Curriculum!!!

Dawson's new school curriculum arrived today! It's always an exciting time. We are both really looking forward to 2nd / 3rd grade!
All the boxes - language arts, science, history, and math.

Dawson with his language arts materials. It includes reading, grammar, writing, spelling, and other fun things like writing poetry, learning new vocabulary words, and practicing analogies.

His few history books. It's not much because most of what we learn is online at the K12 website. I also supplement with a lot of additional books, videos, and crafts (at least that's what I try to do).

Third grade math materials are pretty sparse this year. The last 2 years we've had lots of really great colorful manipulatives. I guess the manipulatives have served their purpose and now we'll be working to become more proficient. Dawson really likes math so hopefully he'll enjoy this year too.

Fun science!!! K12 does an excellent job of explaining scientific concepts and has some really neat experiments. I'll still supplement with lots of books and some additional experiments.

Brady coming over to check out some of the supplies.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Astros Fans

We took the boys to their first major league baseball game!!! We went with our Astros-loving friends, the Browns, and had an awesome time! It was definitely more fun being there with them.

The kids - Seth, Dawson, Brady, and Cy - all wearing the free Astros caps they got at the game.

Great, great friends, Dawson and Seth.

Showing off their blue and purple tongues from their huge candy suckers.

Adorable Dawson!

Cute little Brady.

Awe, he actually slept on me for a little while - such a sweet moment for me.

Family picture!

Houston Zoo

We visited the Houston Zoo with some friends this week. It was sprinkling the whole time we were there, but it was still a good time, especially with such great friends.
Caden, Dawson, & Lucan looking at the birds.

Brady "feeding" the peacock some change.

Lucan and Dawson consulting their maps to see where we should go next.

They loved the chimp exhibit, especially when they came over by the windows so we could get a close look at them.

Hanging out in the African huts.

Cute boys!

Having a fun picnic.

"Brady, whatever you do, don't smile."

Wrestling the giraffe.

Our fun crew.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July Parade

We continued our 4th of July tradition of participating in our neighborhood's 4th of July parade. Dawson rode his bike this year and Brady rode in the wagon with his friend Wesley (at least he started in the wagon, and then I carried him while chasing after Dawson on his bike). It was a wonderful time, as always.
Dawson with his patriotically decorated bike.

Dawson practicing riding his bike around the parking lot before the parade. He's pretty new to riding on 2 wheels.

Brady in his wagon. He was most excited about having a sucker while he rode in the wagon.

Cute Brady and Wesley in their awesome wagon (they won first place in the wagon category).

Dawson got a 3rd place trophy for his bike (lots of kids got 3rd place for bikes).

Pool Buddies

Dawson and Seth's crazy dance / pose.

Another silly pose as they waited in line for the big splash competition.

Sweet friends.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Robber

On a recent date night at Angie's house, Dawson and Kaelin were pretending that there was a robber in the house. They were in their room (aka Kaelin's room) with their baby (one of Kaelin's baby dolls) when they heard the robber. Dawson grabbed the closest thing to a weapon he could find in the room - the cash register scanner which made a beeping sound when you pressed the button. He opened the door and went out to go get the robber. He was sneakily looking around the house for the robber when Kaelin came up behind him. He turned to her, shocked, and said, "What are you doing out here, woman! Get back inside and take care of the child!" She replied with a very sweet, "Oh, okay" and went back to the room with the little baby doll.
The funniest part of this story to me is that Dawson referred to Kaelin as "woman." Also, the beeping cash register scanner is pretty hilarious. And I'm fascinated that they took so easily to stereotypical gender roles - Dawson the manly protector and Kaelin the nurturing mother looking after the baby. They are so awesome. I love them and the cute ways they play together.
If the future they plan together comes true, they will be married with kids (not sure how many yet - it varies from 3 to 4). Dawson will have his dream job as a cashier at Target (good to see all my hard work in homeschooling is playing off) and Kaelin will stay at home and take care of the kids. Oh, and they won't live too far away and will visit us (Angie and me) often. :-)

Date Night

Pictures from Dawson and Brady's "date night" with Kaelin and Angie:

Enjoying a snack / tea party (Dawson and Kaelin have been having these tea parties together since they were 3 and 2).

Supper time prompted Dawson and Kaelin to start their own restaurant. It was just for them - private seating - and Brady and Angie were not allowed. The only way Angie managed to get in for a picture was by persuading them it was necessary for their new restaurant website. :-)

Brady was perfectly happy at his restaurant, Pizza Planet, with Angie. He loves her!

The play area at Pizza Planet.

Owning their own restaurant is hard work. They had to clean all the dishes themselves (Kaelin was the washer and Dawson was the dryer). They are such fun and cute friends!!!

Vacation Bible School

This was Dawson's second year to attend VBS at church and he had a blast.
Kaelin and Dawson on the 1st day of VBS.

Dawson, Seth, & Kaelin.

Brady and the other 2 year olds on the front ready waiting for the puppet show.

Dawson walking down the isle with his group on "family night."

Dawson and the other 6 year olds on stage.

Brady all smiles and giggles (thanks to Angie) as he sat through the kids performances.