Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July Parade

We continued our 4th of July tradition of participating in our neighborhood's 4th of July parade. Dawson rode his bike this year and Brady rode in the wagon with his friend Wesley (at least he started in the wagon, and then I carried him while chasing after Dawson on his bike). It was a wonderful time, as always.
Dawson with his patriotically decorated bike.

Dawson practicing riding his bike around the parking lot before the parade. He's pretty new to riding on 2 wheels.

Brady in his wagon. He was most excited about having a sucker while he rode in the wagon.

Cute Brady and Wesley in their awesome wagon (they won first place in the wagon category).

Dawson got a 3rd place trophy for his bike (lots of kids got 3rd place for bikes).

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