Friday, July 8, 2011

Date Night

Pictures from Dawson and Brady's "date night" with Kaelin and Angie:

Enjoying a snack / tea party (Dawson and Kaelin have been having these tea parties together since they were 3 and 2).

Supper time prompted Dawson and Kaelin to start their own restaurant. It was just for them - private seating - and Brady and Angie were not allowed. The only way Angie managed to get in for a picture was by persuading them it was necessary for their new restaurant website. :-)

Brady was perfectly happy at his restaurant, Pizza Planet, with Angie. He loves her!

The play area at Pizza Planet.

Owning their own restaurant is hard work. They had to clean all the dishes themselves (Kaelin was the washer and Dawson was the dryer). They are such fun and cute friends!!!

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