Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Curriculum!!!

Dawson's new school curriculum arrived today! It's always an exciting time. We are both really looking forward to 2nd / 3rd grade!
All the boxes - language arts, science, history, and math.

Dawson with his language arts materials. It includes reading, grammar, writing, spelling, and other fun things like writing poetry, learning new vocabulary words, and practicing analogies.

His few history books. It's not much because most of what we learn is online at the K12 website. I also supplement with a lot of additional books, videos, and crafts (at least that's what I try to do).

Third grade math materials are pretty sparse this year. The last 2 years we've had lots of really great colorful manipulatives. I guess the manipulatives have served their purpose and now we'll be working to become more proficient. Dawson really likes math so hopefully he'll enjoy this year too.

Fun science!!! K12 does an excellent job of explaining scientific concepts and has some really neat experiments. I'll still supplement with lots of books and some additional experiments.

Brady coming over to check out some of the supplies.

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