Saturday, August 27, 2011


Dawson and Kaelin on the balcony of our hotel.

Brady wanted to be in the picture too, but he refused to smile. :-)


Dawson so happy to be on the beach.

Two of Brady's favorite things combined - running and sand. He loved running all over the beach.

There he goes - running in the sand again. :-)

Laughing as he splashes in the waves.

Dawson's favorite part was being out in the waves.

He loved when the waves would crash into him.

Dawson and Kaelin. They drove down to spend the day at the beach with us. The day that most kids started school, we spent playing at the beach - just one awesome perk to homeschooling.

Two sweet friends in the ocean together.

Woo-hoo, big (to them at least) waves.

Such a fun day - one of the best ever!

Hotel Stay

We stayed at the very nice San Luis Hotel while Randy did some instruction. The boys loved the hotel, especially the hotel pool, the macaw that lived in the lobby, and the ocean view from the balcony of our 16th floor room. It was a great stay!

The handsome Garner boys.

Awe, they're so cute and cuddly. I took this picture while they were sitting, waiting for Randy to finish his instruction.

Ahhh . . . comfy hotel bed.

Brady loved the pool.

Dawson loved the pool slide. It was really fast and fun! Brady loved it too, but had to go in my lap so I wasn't able to get a picture of his big smile as he zipped down.

Big splash!

Downtown Aquarium

We went to an awesome birthday party at the downtown aquarium. The aquarium is always fun, but it was especially awesome to go for our friend's birthday party.
Dawson and Kaelin hanging out by the big shark before we went inside.

Sweet, sweet friends.

Fascinated with all the cool fish in the big tank.

Dawson took this picture of his favorite thing at the aquarium - the eels.

Brady getting a close look at some fish.

Watching the puffer fish swim by.

Dawson looking through the peep hole in the petting tank.

Touching a starfish.

Dawson in the dive suit.

Love how realistic the background looks behind the half canoe. And Brady loved sitting the half canoe.

Checking out the white tiger.

Adorable Dawson!


Group picture.

They did an awesome job setting up the birthday table - the kids were all so excited when they saw it.

Brady loving his fruit punch.

These guys were so funny and had such a good time playing together at the table.

Waiting for the train.

All smiles.

On the big ferris wheel.

Riding the dolphin on the carousel.

Dawson and Kaelin at the top of the lighthouse dive. I zoomed to get a closer picture of them, but they were really high in the air - and they loved it!

Ben and Dawson enjoying each other.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Super Heroes

The boys went to an awesome Super Hero birthday party today. The Super Mom made capes and masks for all the party-goers. It was a fun time with a lot of cute caped crusaders running around.

Super excited Super Dawson.

Birthday boy Cy, Dawson, and Seth.

Teddy and Dawson and their best super hero poses.

Brady had super strength - enough to crash through building!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nanny's House

We had such a great time at Nanny's. The boys loved spending time with Nanny and Julie. It was a very happy few days.
Nanny and Dawson playing checkers, which they did several times while we were there.

A fun game of Uno.

Brady playing with Julie - checking to see if his shoe would fit on Julie.

Cuddling up for a story with Aunt Julie.

Brady loved Lily.

A great picture of Nanny and Dawson.

Breakfast on Nanny's patio. It was such a treat to eat our breakfast out on the patio - we all loved it!

Water balloon time.