Saturday, August 27, 2011


Dawson so happy to be on the beach.

Two of Brady's favorite things combined - running and sand. He loved running all over the beach.

There he goes - running in the sand again. :-)

Laughing as he splashes in the waves.

Dawson's favorite part was being out in the waves.

He loved when the waves would crash into him.

Dawson and Kaelin. They drove down to spend the day at the beach with us. The day that most kids started school, we spent playing at the beach - just one awesome perk to homeschooling.

Two sweet friends in the ocean together.

Woo-hoo, big (to them at least) waves.

Such a fun day - one of the best ever!


Ronda said...

Great photo of Dawson & Kaelin looking out towards the water - and little Brady looks so cute. I love hearing the patter of little feat on the sand. Kids area always having such fun at the beach - I enjoy watching them - except it always makes me miss my grandkids.

Angie said...

This was so fun!! We love you guys so much! Thank you for inviting us!! xoxo