Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lego Discovery Center

We were very excited to visit the new Lego Discover Center in Grapevine. Both boys really, really liked it and would have spent the entire day there. However, it was extremely expensive - admission was way more than it was worth.
Dawson on a cool Lego motorcycle.

Building an incredible Lego wall.

Riding the giraffe.

Up on the little kid playground.

The best part of Lego miniland - Cowboys Stadium!!

Brady's Lego race car.

Dawson's most favorite part - the build-your-own racer race track. He enjoyed racing his car over and over and over again.

Ready to let their cars race!

Dawson getting ready to let his car go down the big crash hill - and crash it did, into many pieces.

Nanny and Dawson on the fun laser ride.

Riding in a giant Lego / bicycle / wizard contraption.

Up so high!

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Angie said...

The picture of your nanny & Dawson with the laser guns is AWESOME! What an awesome Nanny :)