Friday, September 16, 2011

Cowboys Stadium

We finally got to see the amazing Cowboys Stadium!! We can't afford a game, but we did have the privilege of going to their annual home school day (reason enough to home school!!!). It was incredible! We got a VIP tour, saw views from club level seats, a luxury box, and the standing room only area. We got to go onto the field and run and play and pass and kick. We had our picture taken on the star. We visited the locker room and the press room. It was awesome! We're already looking forward to going again next year and spending even more time there!

The boys and I waiting for our tour to begin.

Dawson is a #1 fan!

Brady saying, "Number one!"

Dawson and Ben with their tickets.

Some of the biggest Cowboys fans (and fans-in-training) ever!

Awe, so sweet!

Our view from club level.

The ginormous screen.

Dawson and Ben in the luxury suite - so awesome!

View from standing room only.

Cute boys.

A rare picture of me and my adorable kids - in Cowboys Stadium nonetheless. :-)

Dawson on the 50 yard line.

Brady on the 50.

Ben and Dawson trying to keep John from scoring a touchdown.

They made it to the end zone!

Dawson was so happy to play on the field.

He had this great big smile the whole time.

Brady loved it too! Though he was troubled that no one was there to watch "our team" play football. :-)

And he's off!

In the locker room, wearing his Romo jersey, sitting by Romo's locker.

So big!

So cool that he got to wear the jersey with pads and all.

The Witten jersey swallowed Brady.

Brady at the microphone.

All the boys at the table ready to answer all our questions. :-)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Baker Brady

Brady loves, love, loves to help me bake. If he sees me near the mixer, he pulls up his stool and asks, "Can I help?" This time he also told me he needed a white chef hat, which I happened to have. He is definitely the cutest helper I could have!

New School Supplies

One of the most exciting things about the beginning of a new school year - new school supplies!!

Brady and Dawson were so excited to see their new backpacks and find out what was inside of them.

Fun supplies from Brady's backpack (he has more fun things, but his backpack was little and not much would fit inside).

Dawson's incredible school supplies!

Awesome Houston Children's Museum

As always, we had an amazing time at the Houston Children's Museum.

Hanging out by the giant kid cutouts before we headed in.

Dawson and Brady laughing as they turn the wheel together.


Dawson at the wheel.

Brady climbing up to the obstacle course.

He made it through the tunnel.

Making his way through the ropes.

Dawson and friends snowboarding.

The boys on the rock wall.

He made it all the way around.

This is one of Dawson's favorite attractions at the museum - the massive 2 story climbing structure.

Brady building some Lego cars.

Dawson ready to launch his Lego car on the track.

James and Dawson experimenting with the pipes and ping-pong ball course.

Both boys loved this game - launching the disc and attempting to bounce it off various surfaces to hit the lighthouse.

A big spinning wheel - they both wanted to do it over and over again.

This was a really cool music-making exhibit.

Having fun with the balance.

Brady enjoyed building with these blocks.

Lights reflecting off mirrors is so fascinating.

The simple fun of playing with cars.

Lifting himself up.
Driving to the museum.

Another car to play in, this time a police car.

And yet another little car. :-)

Dawson's dream job - being a cashier. He would have stayed here for hours.

Doing a fine job.

Ready to cook something special at the diner.

Waiting at the counter to place their orders.

Veterinarian Brady checking the puppy's ears.

Listening to the puppy's heartbeat.

Brady loved this. He called it his home. :-)

Peeking out of the tree house ropes.

Playing in water is always fun.

Kaelin and Dawson working to fill the big bucket with water so they can watch it dump out.

Cute little chicks.

Brady said, "I'm just gonna wait and watch the eggs hatch."

Lunch time!