Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Day of Fall Fun

We celebrated the first day of fall with an awesome outing to the Huntsville State Park. It's a beautiful place, the weather was perfect, and we were joined by many wonderful friends. We hiked about a mile and a half on one of the trails, picnicked by the lake, played at the playground, and ended with swimming in the lake and playing in the sand. It ranks as one of our most favorite days ever!! We were all so thankful that we homeschool and have the opportunity to spend an entire day outside playing and celebrating special days like this.

The gang posing for a picture before they took off on the trail.

Brady showing me the way - "See it's purple, Mama, go this way."

Beautiful kids on a beautiful trail.

It's always fun when there's something to climb on.

More climbing - this time on an uprooted tree.

Sweet, sweet kids.

Dawson's lily pad hat.

Brady testing out the water.

The bigger kids swimming and splashing and having so much fun together. Their happiness and playfulness and laughter was incredible!

Brady with friends, Clara and Otto, working hard to fill up their wagon.

The "pool" they created.

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