Wednesday, November 2, 2011

7 Acre Wood Pictures

We LOVE our annual October outing to 7 Acre Wood!!

Brady, Kaelin, & Dawson hanging out on the swing before we all went in.

Brady petting the alpacas through the fence.

A sweet little goat.

He was trying to pet the chickens, but they kept running away. Imagine that. :-)

Brady and Wesley had fun playing in the big fort playground together. Here, they are whispering something very funny to each other.

And then they started chasing me!!

Dawson ready for the zip line, one of his favorite things to do at 7 Acre Wood.

There he goes.

Another favorite attraction - miniature golf.

Brady had an awkward grip on the club, but he did pretty well for a little guy.

In his house, or his restaurant, or his store - I can't remember which.

Another one of Brady's shops.

Cruisin' around the play area.

Little boy on a big tractor.

I love this picture!! He's peeking through the console of an old boat. So, so funny!

Having a very enlightening conversation with Angie, probably about Sponge Bob, their favorite topic of conversation lately.

Brady and Wesley holding hands as we headed out of the park for the day.

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