Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter in the Park

Another fun year at Huntsville's Winter in the Park!

The cookies they decorated at one of the booths.

Brady wanted to have Sponge Bob painted on his face.

Dawson chose a Dallas Cowboys star one on cheek and some balloons on the other. Then they got wet and smeared off when he played in the snow.

Snow balls!!! I mean, ice balls!! :-)

Brady throwing ice balls.

AWE!!! Sweet boys on the train ride.

Breakfast with Santa

We love the annual tradition of going to breakfast with Santa at the clubhouse. Well, Randy thinks it's way too expensive, but the rest of us love it!

Dawson was very happy that so many friends had tables near us.

Brady waiting to eat breakfast. He was so cute in his Santa hat.

Comparing hats.

A picture with Santa.

Christmas Tree

It is the boys job to put the ornaments on the tree. They have so much fun doing it. The ornaments are all clustered together, with lots of bare spots, but they are very proud of it and I love that it was their special project.

A quick pose together after they finished.


Randy and Dawson looking very handsome before their special trip to Houston to see The Nutcracker.

A Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving

This year on Thanksgiving we met Randy's mom and dad at Cracker Barrel for lunch. It was easy and the food was tasty, but it wasn't "homey" and there wasn't much time to visit and play. However, we did manage to get a picture of everyone on the awesome rocking chairs on the porch.

Thanksgiving Crafts

Some Thanksgiving crafts we did this year: Mayflower boats (Brady insisted on a pirate skull flag), pilgrim bear sticker sheets, hand / finger print trees, hand print turkey paper plates, foot and hand print turkeys, a thankful turkey, leaf animals, and a leaf rubbing.

Our thankful tree. We mailed leaves to family and friends, had them write what they are thankful for this year and mail them back to us. It was fun to get the leaves in the mail and great to read what everyone is thankful for this year. Here's what we were most thankful for:

Randy - Emily, Dawson, Brady, family, vacations, time to relax, our home, health, blessings, gentle rain, holidays, paycheck, electricity.

Emily - my boys: Randy, Dawson, & Brady, my friends and the kids friends, H2O (Huntsville Homeschool Organization), fall weather, nature, trees, running.

Dawson - family, friends, nature, God, love, everything.

Brady - Daws, Mom, Dad, toys, nerds, Thomas trains.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Sea World

Another fun day at Sea World:

I love that he's posing right between the seal and the sign that says not to sit or stand on them. Hehehe.

Enjoying a sucker while they wait for the show to begin.

There's just something funny about 3D glasses.

Anticipating the show to come.

Brady was so excited that he was big enough to ride the Shamu ride this time.

One of his favorite rides, the carousel, on his favorite color horse.

Such a cutie!

The boys in candy cane forest. We really enjoyed all the Christmas lights and decorations throughout the park.

Dawson pretending to eat the giant candy cane.

Santa Shamu was on a break so the boys posed for a quick picture in his chair.

San Antonio Children's Museum

The San Antonio Children's Museum is always a fun time.

Dawson in the cool ball room.

Brady cranking some balls up into the ball pit overhead, which periodically opens and dumps all the balls onto the children below (so exciting!).

Dawson making a giant bubble.

Brady's big bubble.

Dawson and Randy really loved creating water mazes for the boats.

Fascinated by the hands and faces left behind by other museum guests.

Brady making hand prints.

Another favorite - building and racing lego cars.

A sweet picture of Randy and Dawson.

Brady the trolley driver.

Brady piloting the plane.

So adorable in the pilot hat.

Dawson ready for take-off.

Ready to shop in the very large, very cool HEB market.

Dawson's idea of the perfect job - cashier.

Fun Hotel

We stayed at a Drury Inn on the Riverwalk this time and loved it!!!! We had a corner suite which was awesome! They had an amazing breakfast each morning, free popcorn and sodas in the afternoon, and a free supper each night!!

Brady relaxing in the chair.

So fun to click the light on and off. :-)

Yum, popcorn and lemonade.

I love how sweet they look sleeping together. Awe!

On the Riverwalk

Randy and Dawson at our table by the river at Casa Rio.

Our sweet, loving boys.

So cute.

So happy.

Dawson loved climbing on the rocks near the convention center.

Beautiful area of the Riverwalk right outside the convention center.

Laughing and running.

Jumping out to scare us.

Posing in front of the Christmas tree outside the Rivercenter Mall.

A rare picture of Randy and I, taken by photographer Dawson.