Friday, December 2, 2011

San Antonio Children's Museum

The San Antonio Children's Museum is always a fun time.

Dawson in the cool ball room.

Brady cranking some balls up into the ball pit overhead, which periodically opens and dumps all the balls onto the children below (so exciting!).

Dawson making a giant bubble.

Brady's big bubble.

Dawson and Randy really loved creating water mazes for the boats.

Fascinated by the hands and faces left behind by other museum guests.

Brady making hand prints.

Another favorite - building and racing lego cars.

A sweet picture of Randy and Dawson.

Brady the trolley driver.

Brady piloting the plane.

So adorable in the pilot hat.

Dawson ready for take-off.

Ready to shop in the very large, very cool HEB market.

Dawson's idea of the perfect job - cashier.

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