Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving Crafts

Some Thanksgiving crafts we did this year: Mayflower boats (Brady insisted on a pirate skull flag), pilgrim bear sticker sheets, hand / finger print trees, hand print turkey paper plates, foot and hand print turkeys, a thankful turkey, leaf animals, and a leaf rubbing.

Our thankful tree. We mailed leaves to family and friends, had them write what they are thankful for this year and mail them back to us. It was fun to get the leaves in the mail and great to read what everyone is thankful for this year. Here's what we were most thankful for:

Randy - Emily, Dawson, Brady, family, vacations, time to relax, our home, health, blessings, gentle rain, holidays, paycheck, electricity.

Emily - my boys: Randy, Dawson, & Brady, my friends and the kids friends, H2O (Huntsville Homeschool Organization), fall weather, nature, trees, running.

Dawson - family, friends, nature, God, love, everything.

Brady - Daws, Mom, Dad, toys, nerds, Thomas trains.

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Angie said...

I'm also thankful for nerds (both the candy and human kinds)