Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tall Towers

Some of Brady's amazing creations:

Me and Angie

Chuck E. Cheese Party

Dawson's 7th birthday party was at Chuck E. Cheese, the perfect kid party place.

The big, handsome 7 year old.

Ski ball, woo-hoo.

Two of Dawson's favorite friends, Lucan and Caden.

Dawson with his sweet friend Grayson.

Randy and Dawson on the roller coaster simulator.

Two brothers roughing it in the Jeep.

Brady and Chuck E.

Round and round they go.

Dawson and Teddy playing one of his favorite games.

It was a very popular game.

Yum, pizza!

Awe, they're so cute!!!

Blowing out the candles.

Present time!

Very excited about a Mario toy, one of his obsessions.

I love how they were all so interested in reading the birthday cards.

Oh yeah, a Lightning McQueen Lego.

Brady was so excited to give Dawson the special present he picked out for him.

And Dawson was so grateful for Brady and his gift.

7th Birthday

Happy 7th birthday to Dawson!

Sweet, sweet brothers. Love them!

Opening the present from Brady first.

Awe, a big thank you hug.

It's operation.

Another cool Imaginext toy.

Brady was a big help when it was time to open presents. :-)

Birthday muffins.

Hooray, rollerblades!

Opening the big one.

It was a cub scout bow and arrow.

The loot.

Dawson requested pumpkin pie for his special birthday dessert.

Blowing out all 7 candles. It was the end to a wonderful birthday.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Pictures from our wonderful Christmas morning together:

They boys both got new bikes this year!

Brady trying out his new bike - his first bike ever!

Of course he would be super excited about getting candy in his stocking!

Oooooh, a new magic kit.

A cool Imaginext pirate ship - they both love it.

Brady got the Thomas pirate ship he had been wanting.

And Dawson got more K'Next Mario Kart track.

A campfire popcorn popper!

Dawson was very pleased that Randy got him this classic game, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.

A 550 piece Mario puzzle, something to do on cold winter days.

Playing with a fun new Thomas book.

Randy and Dawson opening these special presents at the same time.

Very cool night vision goggles!


A joyful time decorating cookies with friends!