Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gaylord Texan

Randy and I stayed 2 nights at the spectacular Gaylord Texan for our 10 year wedding anniversary.  It's such a beautiful hotel - words can't adequately describe it.  It was the perfect place to celebrate such a special occasion.

Scout Graduation

Dawson has officially completed his first year of cub scouts as a Tiger Cub and has graduated to a Wolf Cub.  He really enjoys cub scouts, thanks in large part to having Randy as his den leader.  We're looking forward to another fun year of scouting!

Playing around with friends before the graduation ceremony began.

For a few minutes, he and his friends all had on the orange neckerchiefs of the tiger cub - Ben and Teddy had just become Tiger Cubs, right before Dawson graduated to a Wolf Cub.

Randy putting the slide onto Dawson's yellow Wolf neckerchief.

Our handsome little Wolf!

On the Boat

The boys out for a boat ride at beautiful Lake Raven.

YMCA Trail Run

Dawson completed yet another race - the YMCA Trail Run.  It was a a great race through some beautiful trails.  We'll definitely run this one again next year!

Dawson was very excited to get bib number 23 - Randy's favorite number.

Dawson and Granny before the race.

Lined up!

Crossing the finish line - neck and neck with another little girl.  He really didn't want a girl to beat him.  :-)

Finishers medal!

Galveston Field Trip

We had an amazing field trip to Galveston with our homeschool group.  We went to the beach, where the kids played in the sand, jumped in the huge waves, and had a sandy picnic (the sand was everywhere!).  Then we headed to the sea turtle research facility and learned about sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico and got an up-close look at the sea turtles.  After that, it was off for a ferry ride to Boliver Island and back, and then to supper at the incredible Rainforest Cafe.  It was one of our most favorite days and we were once again overwhelmed with what a blessing it is to homeschool with so many incredible families.

Dawson thrilled to be playing in the waves.

Getting ready for the waves.

Jumping as the waves crashed into them.

Brady was perfectly content to play in the sand.

Dawson looking at the sea turtles - these were the 5 year olds.

Brady really liked the little sea turtles.

They were so cute!!!

Waiting to board the ferry.

Dawson, Estelle, and Kaelin looking out at the Gulf.

Such fun kids!

Dawson and Kaelin at the Rainforest Cafe.

Showing off their prizes from a duck game they played.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Handsome Guys


Blessed to have some of the most amazing friends.

Kaeling and Dawson - awe!!!

Sarah, Brady, Daniel, Dawson, Kaelin, and Alexandra.

Dawson trying on a helmet, with friends Alexandra and Kaelin.

Kaelin and Dawson spent lots of time sitting and watching the baby ducklings.

They were so excited to see "our climbing tree" - a tree they've been climbing together for years.

Kaelin and Brady - so sweet!


A ginormous, very aggressive snake we found on our road.


We had our first family camping trip, which we enjoyed with the Hendricks family.  It was an amazing time and we look forward to more camping trips.

All of our fabulous boys ready for the trail walk.

It was a great trail!

Reading about birds in the area.

Brady happy to have found a walking stick.

Dawson's great big leaf.

Dawson and Ben running ahead on the trail.

Love their happiness!

Brady walking through the flower garden.

Brady and Jackson - such cute little guys.

Handsome Dawson.

Dawson's first time fishing.

Brady looking down from the tower at Dawson and Ben fishing.

His pose when I told him to say "cheese."

Randy and Brady on top of the very windy observation tower.

Lunch time.

Mr. Tortilla Face.

Playing a game of Sorry while they wait for supper.

Brady decorating our tent area with sticks.

Waiting for the campfire to start blazing.

A very tired Brady looking up, waiting for the stars to be visible.

Tree climbing.

The perfect sitting spot.

Enjoying some campfire-made snacks - smores and popcorn.

A perfect night and a perfect fire.