Monday, May 7, 2012


We had our first family camping trip, which we enjoyed with the Hendricks family.  It was an amazing time and we look forward to more camping trips.

All of our fabulous boys ready for the trail walk.

It was a great trail!

Reading about birds in the area.

Brady happy to have found a walking stick.

Dawson's great big leaf.

Dawson and Ben running ahead on the trail.

Love their happiness!

Brady walking through the flower garden.

Brady and Jackson - such cute little guys.

Handsome Dawson.

Dawson's first time fishing.

Brady looking down from the tower at Dawson and Ben fishing.

His pose when I told him to say "cheese."

Randy and Brady on top of the very windy observation tower.

Lunch time.

Mr. Tortilla Face.

Playing a game of Sorry while they wait for supper.

Brady decorating our tent area with sticks.

Waiting for the campfire to start blazing.

A very tired Brady looking up, waiting for the stars to be visible.

Tree climbing.

The perfect sitting spot.

Enjoying some campfire-made snacks - smores and popcorn.

A perfect night and a perfect fire.

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