Saturday, July 21, 2012

Houston Aquarium

We had a very fun outing at the Houston Aquarium.  We were joined by Granny and Caselyn, as well as several friends from our homeschool group.

Brady and Caselyn at one of the tanks.

A close encounter with some rays and sharks.

Dawson in the peep hole.

I love how funny their faces look in the curved class.

It's Brady!

Brady peeking through the mask.

Dawson behind the diving suit.

Rowing the boat.

Admiring the white tiger.

Their very best tiger poses.  :-)

Carousel time.

Brady's cool ride.

Waiting in line for the Lighthouse Dive, Dawson's favorite.

Ready and waiting.

All smiles as it takes him up and drops him down.

On the Ferris Wheel with Caselyn and Brady.

Cute, sweaty Brady waiting for the train.

Rebecca, Teddy, and Dawson on the train.

Me with sweet Caselyn.

Splash pad time!

Dawson enjoying the water.

Silly, silly kids.

Waiting for our table at the restaurant.

Panera Treats

Enjoying some of the BEST baked treats on the planet at Panera.  Yum!

Cool Playground

Wonder World Cave

Anti-Gravity House

McKenna's Children's Museum

While Randy was doing some teaching in San Marcos, the boys and I visited the McKenna's Children's Museum.  It is a really neat place and the boys had fun visiting and playing at all of the exhibits.

Brady insisted I take a picture of his ducky.  :-)

He caught a magnetic fish!

Playing in the water area.

Dawson climbing this neat structure.

At the top.

Brady enjoyed climbing around on it too.

Strong man!

Musical brothers.

Dawson loves playing music.

And so does Brady.

Listening to the radio in the little house.

Getting some money at the bank so he can go shopping at the grocery store.  Hehehe.

Brady perusing the little HEB.

Blue Bell ice cream, of course.

Dawson doing one of his favorite things - pretending to be a cashier.

Playing in an ambulance is always fun.

Brady in the rocket.

And Dawson too.

Hanging out inside the space shuttle.

Dawson making a very importance phone call at the doctor's office.

Playing in the house - the especially liked the fireplace.

This was Dawson's favorite!!!  He loved playing the game and stomping on all the colored lights.


Yum, fish and marshmallows.

Brady the bat.

Happy after a fun morning at the museum.

Happy boys #2.

Love these guys!