Sunday, July 1, 2012

Brady Day

While Dawson was at scout camp, Brady and I had some fun times together.  We had quality time together at home, played at the park, went to the library, went to the donut shop (a place Brady loves, but that we reserve for very special occassions), and had a special "Woodlands Fun Day" together, which included jumping and playing at Pump It Up, a happy meal from Old McDonalds (as Brady calls it), playing at the indoor playground at The Woodlands Mall, visiting the all new Lego store at the mall, and time at Barnes & Noble.  I so enjoyed all of my Brady time that week.

Yummy donut!!!  :-)

The toy - the best part of a McDonald's kids meal.

Excited to be at the mall play area.

He loves legos and had fun touring and playing at the Lego store.

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