Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hooray, Abilene!

The boys and I spent several wonderful days in Abilene visiting family and doing fun things around town.

Gramps and the boys.

Posing by a statue of the Lorax at one of the museums in Abilene.

This wall was so cool!  Each colored shape made a different sound when you pushed on it.

Playing with the stage lights.

Brady assembled this bizarre costume for his big stage performance.

At Chuck E. Cheese.

The mall play area.

They loved playing in the little inflatable pool at Gramps.

Brady was very amused with the penguin and all of his tricks.

Dawson hanging out on the swing.
The boys loved seeing the peacock with feathers spread, vibrating and shaking.

A view of the giraffes visiting the people on the bridge.

Dawson and Brady on the bridge, feeding the giraffe.

My, what long (and yucky) tongues they have.

With my sweet boys on the zoo train.

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