Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Acre Wood

We celebrated a great first week of school with a family outing to 7 Acre Wood.  It was a wonderful time, as always.
The boys in their "Dad's Team" t-shirts, all looking very handsome.

Checking out the adorable little donkeys in the petting zoo area.

Love this picture of Brady talking to the donkey.

Our little goat friend.

And the sweet cat that followed us around and even endured Brady's poor putts.

The cat's turn to play with Brady's ball.

Dawson LOVES mini golf.  He must have played 5 rounds while we were there.

It's the Cozy Coup police!

Brady at his food shop, which apparently has any kind of food you could possibly ever want.

Walking the "plank" of his pirate ship.  He has a great imagination and we're always going on adventures together, wherever we are.

Brady's pirate face.  Ferocious, isn't it?

Dawson and Randy bopping the ball around.

The zip line, another super fun activity at 7 Acre Wood.


Brady up high.

A pirate ship - perfect for our little pirate.

Cute, cute, cute!

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