Friday, October 12, 2012

Flag Football

Dawson is very excited to be playing flag football this year.  He's having fun and doing great!
Ready for his first practice.

Throwing the football around with his teammates.

Dawson as the center in one of the practice scrimmages.

His team is the Miami Dolphins.

The first game.

Both teams saying a prayer before the game.

Dawson and teammates cheering on their team on the field.  I love Dawson's excitement - jumping up an down.

Getting the play from their coach.

Lined up and ready to go.
Unfortunately, my camera batteries died after this so I didn't get any great action shots of the first game.  But Dawson did well - he caught the only pass in the game and when he was on defense he pulled a flag to stop a runner.  More importantly, he had a fantastic time.  We're looking forward to more flag football!

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