Friday, November 2, 2012

A Morning at the State Park

The boys and I spent a glorious morning at the state park.  It was one of those wonderful, amazing, perfect days when I am so thankful that I homeschool so that we can have mornings like this.  I love being with my kids!!  And I love all that we get to do together.
Ready to explore the trail!

Happy and silly and wonderful!

Great picture of great brothers.

Brady hanging out on the stand (after he did a "show" for us up there).

Of course Dawson had to climb it.  :-)

We were on our way to the beach area when we saw all of these vultures with wings spread soaking up the sun.

Dawson was thrilled to have a friendly squirrel join us for our picnic (see it in the background munching on some crust).

Like I said, he was a very friendly squirrel.

Brady enjoyed the squirrel encounter as well.

Filling up his bucket.

And pouring it into the pond they created.

Their creation.

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